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If you want the best Female Personal Trainer Sydney service, then we are the right choice for it. We offer kickboxing trainings to all people including children, starters, as well as professionals and exclusively to women of all ages. We have the best martial arts trainers who can offer you the best guidance in every way. Our Female Kickboxing training classes include working on knees, feet, elbows, hands and teaching all styles of martial fighting. Our team of trainers and coaches are extremely skilled and professional. They first try to find out or learn about weaknesses of their students and then formulate a training chart or session according to their requirements. We have been in this field for many years and we know the proper way to offer exceptional martial arts training, thereby fulfilling the demands of our customers at the level best.

Our When it comes to quality female kickboxing training, then we are the only recommended one. Our entire team of trainers together with coaches have only one motto and that is to develop you to the top level. Your rate of progress is only our gain and we understand that. We will offer every kind of exceptional facilities as well as a perfect training environment to make the entire session more interesting and inspiring. Our trainers are specialized in every kind of martial arts styles and we have respective training classes for it. We make sure to do everything to satisfy our customers. We ensure that our training classes will get you in a perfect shape, and refine your defense skills. We do what we say and maintain the inspiring ambience, right from the beginning till the end. We understand the importance of staying fit and developing self-defense in modern time and we stepped out our foot keeping this in mind.

Everybody wants the best of everything! Everyone wants value for money!
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We follow a strict schedule to train our students but at the same time, we try to make the environment enjoying as well as fun during the classes. You can learn a thing perfectly only when you enjoy learning it and we know this. We look after each and every student and even offer extra effort if needed. People have loved our training ambience right from the beginning and this is the reason that they keep in touch with us even after completing their training session. Our trainers hold many years of experience in martial arts and are well acquainted with every precise forms and techniques. We have all the gear and equipment in our facility from kick shields to padded floors. We will suggest you a suitable training program according to your needs.

You can call us at any point of time and even opt for our personal female trainer as well as other services.

You are free to contact us at any time and get more details about us. We always have active customer service that will response to all your queries. You will even get the details of our different training sessions and could enlist yourself in the required one on the same day. Self-defense is a very important aspect more in today’s time, so call us and start your kickboxing training classes as soon as possible.


Our juniors program is designed to aid child and adolescent needs when faced with confrontation or self-defence situations.
Gracie Bankstown provides a comprehensive BJJ program focusing on Self Defense, Sport Jiu Jitsu and fitness. Our instructors deliver expert level coaching in a safe and fun environment regardless of your age, fitness level or skill.
Muay Thai is known as the ‘science of eight limbs’. The devastating standing style of fighting from Thailand uses the entire body as a weapon.
We offer an expansive Kickboxing Jiu Jitsu Sydney program lead by Wahib Baki for all levels. These classes are designed to accelerate your fitness and skills, whilst learning the art of Kickboxing Sydney.
Martial arts is a great way to engage kids at a time where they are most impressionable and fascinated by contact sports. Muay Thai Kickboxing is not only about punching and kicking.
We offer a range of classes designed solely on muscle development catered to your own training objectives. Classes tie into our weights and conditioning sections which are available to all members.
Bankstown martial arts offers best professional Sydney Martial Arts Training in Bankstown to people of all age groups. We have organised special training courses for kids, female volunteers and male volunteers. We also offer professional training to athletes and sports persons. Prices that we charge for our Martial Arts training program are also very affordable. Anyone who is passionate to learn the different martial arts skills can be a part of Bankstown Sydney Martial Arts. You can get the details about all the training programs and their associated prices from our professional representatives. Give us a call and get all the details you need. Connect with us today; get your name registered to your favorite martial arts style!

Our coaching teams are lead by Wahib Baki (Kickboxing/Muay Thai) and Professor Mauricio Cavicchini 1st Degree Black Belt in BJJ. Our coaches bring a wealth of experience in their respected disciplines in coaching and competition.

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