Muay Thai Sydney

The Art Of Overall Development – Muay Thai Sydney & Muay Thai Kickboxing Training

Muay Thai Sydney training program here at Bankstown is known as the ‘Science Of Eight Limbs’. The devastating standing style of fighting from Thailand uses the entire body as a weapon. The training incorporates hands, elbows, feet, knees and grappling into a long, medium and short range fighting style making it incredibly effective as a self defence martial art.

Coaching team at Bankstown martial arts is lead by Wade Baki (Muay Thai Sydney/Muay Thai Kickboxing) and Professor Mauricio Cavicchini 1st Degree Black Belt in BJJ. We have schedules our training programs in such a way that our volunteers can get the maximum benefits of effective martial arts style. Anyone can get expertise training in different martial arts styles covering Muay Thai Sydney, karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing  and much more. Our training programs are open for all.

Our highly trained and experienced Muay Thai coaches in Sydney run a variety of classes for the development of essential Muay Thai kickboxing skills for all levels. Classes are suitable for all ages and sizes, fun, easy to learn and a great work out. So, if you are seeking fitness, strength, flexibility and self defence give Muay Thai Sydney training program a go.

Talk to our team to know more about the benefits of motivational martial art style – Muay Thai Sydney. We will guide you to the best style that suits your health and fitness aims. We also offer personalized training to those in need under the supervision of our well experienced coaches. We make sure that you are confident to face every challenge in your life with professional martial arts training. Register your name to Bankstown Muay Thai training in Sydney today. Join us now and Be a part of something big. Visit us for a free trial at Unit 6/4 Brunker Road, Chullora.